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The Binoculars Look at Newtown, CT

December 15, 2012

I can’t state enough how tragic a loss was seen in Newtown, Connecticut on December 14, 2012. There aren’t words I can say to any of the families or friends of the victims that will take away their pain. I’m wondering how long the spotlight, or for this analogy, the binoculars will be upon these people. I’m hearing the anti-gun people rallying around this already saying the laws need to be changed. Perhaps, but I think we’re looking through the wrong lens.

When you look solely at one thing through binoculars you magnify them. Find a pair if you’ve got them and look at something through them. Now, turn those binoculars around and look at the same thing from the same spot. Look how small what you were looking at has become. I am in no way saying the horrific events that just unfolded are small. I am simply trying to put things in a different perspective.

I’m a numbers guy, and these numbers make me cry daily the way some people are over Newtown. On average we abort over 3,000 children per day in the United States alone! That is 150 x greater than the 20 children so tragically robbed of life sitting innocently at school yesterday. We will go over the 1.2 million mark for the year tomorrow or Monday.  While politicians and media people no doubt hype up the anti-gun rhetoric, I just want you to keep things in perspective. Where is their outcry for all of the innocent unborn children murdered in the womb every day?

In the end, can we really teach people to believe that life itself isn’t precious and then be surprised when evil things like this happen? It’s all so sad, and the more we take God out of our lives and our country the more evil we can expect to see. My prayers go out to the families who lost loved ones yesterday. My prayers also go out for those who don’t see life as precious, that they will discover this sooner rather than later.

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