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God Can Even Forgive Preachers’ Kids!

December 20, 2012

The title of this post is something this preachers’ kid had a hard time believing for a long time. While I take blame for my sinful ways, the pressures put on me were often enormous. I remember as a 15 year old kid being told my dad could be forced to resign if I didn’t straighten up. “How can your father lead the flock if he can’t lead his own family?” I would try and behave for the sake of my father’s ministry, and that’s where I believe I messed up. Notice I said my father’s ministry and not The Father’s ministry!

I can now say I have wasted a quarter century of my life lacking the faith to think God would forgive me. It’s ironic that when I heard testimonies of others while I was a kid I was somewhat jealous that I couldn’t have a testimony like that because I’d accepted Christ as a child. Well when you hold guilt and believe you can’t be forgiven for as long as I did, all of the sudden you have a testimony story to share that you realize you didn’t really want!

I’ve recently begun asking those from my past for forgiveness and granting forgiveness as well. It’s such a relief! I do try and share with those who warned me, most likely with good intentions, that the message of love never seemed to come from them. Preacher’s kids are not perfect! Obvious I know, but some of us think we have to be! We are told we have to be above reproach or our preacher dad could be out of work! To those who try and interpret I Peter 5:1-3 as being about how well preachers’, deacons’ or missionary kids behave I think you’re missing something. Don’t fool with the called man of God simply because his kid screws up.

Perhaps a refresher course on the book of Hosea is where to head here. The prophet of God  marries a woman that sleeps around on him and everyone knows it. He doesn’t stop prophesying. In fact, he shows such a Christlike example of love to his wife for all to see and it still inspires. Not everyone from my past will read this, which is fine. I just want people to be wary of the fact that preachers’ kids are not born perfect and apart from Christ and the Holy Spirit will make mistakes. Keep the eye on God always, and when dealing with someone who’s fallen off talk with them about how it affects the Kingdom, affects God’s work. Do not tell them how it affects a man’s ministry!!!

I especially pray for some specific preachers’ kids I know often. I suggest you hold your preacher’s kids, wives, etc. up for prayer as well. Elijah, Graham and Abby this is especially true for you. It’s also true for Emilie Grace and Christian as well!

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