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Playing Church

January 4, 2013

I’ve been in so many churches in my lifetime. I’ve been a member of six. I’ve seen God do some great things in different ways at each one, in spite of “we the people.” This is a difficult blog for me to post because I’m sure it will step on some toes. The fact of the matter is that I am pointing fingers at myself as much as anyone. So know that if this does offend you it’s not my intention, at least not completely.

Believers in Christ are His bride, also known as the church. We seemingly should know that our purpose should be to glorify Him and His kingdom. There are several ways which this can be done, but helping our fellow man doesn’t seem too high on the list for us at times.  This is entirely judgmental, I know, but when I look around the church I don’t see a whole lot of involvement from people. I do see people seemingly wanting to learn, but are they using this knowledge? Are they just soaking it all in to feel better about themselves?

My pastor, Steven Furtick, often says we have a problem with “spiritual obesity.” I can’t say I disagree with that assessment at all. Church is not supposed to be just about getting together and singing a few songs and hearing a sermon, or lesson. Church needs to be about showing others that we serve the true and living God! People are looking for answers in life, and if they aren’t seeing it in “we the church” they’ll just keep looking. We have what they want, so let’s quit being selfish and share it! The longer we’re in it for us the less opportunity there is to reach others.

Be the church wherever you are. Quit thinking of the church as that building or cathedral. I believe if we decide to quit playing church and start being the church God will show us things beyond our imagination! It’s not about where you attend, though you need to find a place. It’s about you, yourself, deciding to remember no matter where or when that you are the church!

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