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Total Dependency

February 7, 2013

In 1776 the founders of this great country risked their lives and signed the Declaration of Independence. When I was growing up independence was something most people strived for. I’m not so sure of that today, with so many looking for the next handout. That however is not the dependency I’m interested in talking about.

I continually have opportunities in life where I’ve tried to do things on my own. From work to sports to math problems, you name it. Often times I succeeded and was rewarded for my effort. At times I really thought I was something else. Other times I’ve failed miserably, but usually got back up and faced the challenge again ’til I won. Maybe that’s given me the false sense of security that it’s up to me to get things done.

The past few years I’ve made major heart changes and renewed my relationship with Jesus. It’s been absolutely wonderful and I’m in awe that He’s given me yet another opportunity to serve Him. I am working in a factory and those around me are well aware of my faith. I believe I’m being a good testimony to the Lord there. However when I started a group study I found no one from work wanted to join the group. I received little interest from local friends and the last two groups I hosted were a group of one! lol

Failure has never been an option to me, and I wanted to fix what was wrong here. There has to be a reason I’m not seeing results! What can I do to make things better? Well it’s really hit me here lately that while my desire is to glorify God and strengthen the kingdom, the results will never be up to me. I can’t do it!!!

I now understand I have to leave it up to God to change hearts. I can keep trying to show the love of Christ through my life, and keep praying for those I come in contact with. In reality though, it’s not up to me who will be changed. I just have to stay available and keep doing my part. My team wins in the end, I know it.

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