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What Makes My Church So Special?

March 5, 2013

I’m sure by now my friends and followers on facebook and twitter are well aware I attend Elevation Church in Charlotte. I live an hour and twenty minutes north, so I’m asked often what makes Elevation so special? Why don’t you find a church closer to home? Well let me walk you through step by step what I’ve seen in my first year as an ‘Elevator.’

The greeters make you feel special from the very first time you arrive at Elevation. Volunteers commit their weekend to be at multiple services standing outside no matter the weather smiling and trying to find visitors. Visitors are informed that they are VIP’s and are given a brochure giving some information about the church with a worship CD inside. There are lots of greeters and every Sunday Tim at the door makes it a point to say hi to me and Rich inside gets me a worship guide and pen.

The music at Elevation is first rate and loud! Elevation Worship seems to catch the mood and makes sure the presence of God is evident in the room as well as in the message of the songs! The words are on the screens and the music is loud enough that when I miss a note my neighbor probably doesn’t notice.

Pastor Steven Furtick is such a gifted, anointed speaker. Every week it seems I say to myself, “I never saw that in that passage before!” He knows how to hit me over the head, which I need, with the Word. He also always makes sure the message of love and transformation through Jesus Christ is always presented. He usually preaches for about 50 minutes, unheard of in most churches. You know what? The entire congregation is on the edge of its’ seat waiting to get the next word, unless it’s standing on its’ feet praising God for the message heard!

I mentioned the volunteers greeting, but that’s just the start. There are 47 local outreach partners who Elevation supports not only financially but also in the way of service. We are challenged to help and given opportunities to sign up online to help when we can. There are several times and organizations to pick from. We currently have 1,024 mentors who are helping kids in the city with their schoolwork. In a church of 12,000 that meets at 7 different locations it’s a spread out partnership where different parts of the Charlotte area can be reached.

We are also challenged to join eGroups to find community amongst each other. There are I believe 463 groups at the time of this blog. The groups are generally around 10 to 12 people. The involvement of the people at Elevation sets it apart from any church I’ve ever seen/experienced. I know there are other great ones out there, and I pray there are more and more. I am just blown away at how God has worked in such a powerful way in a church that is now 7 years old.

Each one of the things I’ve mentioned I believe sets Elevation Church apart from many others. I am tremendously encouraged by the fact that all the glory is given to Jesus in every aspect I’ve seen. The leadership at each campus really appears committed and the results speak for themselves. Christmas and Easter feel almost like Pentecost as thousands accept Christ as Savior. They’re willing to share so much with other churches and leaders free of charge. I pray others keep taking them up on this. Elevation Church is more worried about the entire body of Christ than itself, and I’m blessed to be a part of it! Thank You Lord!

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