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Preachers’ Daughters

March 11, 2013

I saw a commercial tonight previewing a new show about some “out of control” preachers’ daughters. Well if you follow my blog you know I’m a preachers’ son. It’s a huge pressure that I dealt with poorly for a long time. The way “reality” shows are anymore, I’m sure there’s going to be plenty of staged drama. I just hope somehow some good can come of this show.

I will probably make the effort to watch, but can’t promise I’ll last five minutes. I now understand that if the goal isn’t to honor Jesus Christ, there’s really no point to it. I pray for preachers’ kids all the time, and the judgment they deal with for making the same mistakes other kids make without any fanfare. This show is probably going to glorify any bad behavior these kids display. I’m sure the preachers and people in the church will be shown to look silly or stupid, as will the kids.

Hopefully, somehow, people will see the forgiveness of a loving God who gives us all multiple chances to surrender our lives to Him. As I’ve stated before, I didn’t believe I could receive that forgiveness for a long time. My life could not change if I didn’t receive the free gift of salvation Christ died to give me. I couldn’t learn to forgive others until I first received it myself.

It’s sad that preachers’ , missionaries’, deacons’, elders’ kids, etc. are expected to be perfect by many and be completely out of control by many others. If you are one, don’t let people put those labels on you. Be who God says you are and can be! This TV show may be good, may be a hit, and may wind up being complete filth. My hope is that it can at least show people that preachers’ kids are human and fallible just like anyone. More than anything I hope that somehow God can be glorified even through the exposure of these kids and all their flaws.

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