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Being Played

March 27, 2013

All I seem to read the past few weeks is the opinions of many on political and societal debate. The main two topics seem to be gun control and same sex marriage. The word right is being thrown around quite a bit. I know many people who are very passionate about each issue, but to believe the politicians and media hounds who are pushing things is sketchy at best! I can’t offer solid proof, but I have questions that lead me to believe we are all being played. The short term result is a lot of us getting mad at each other. What are the long term goals? More than likely, control over us by those who think they deserve it.

What do I mean? What questions do I have? Well to start with how do the people who’ve spent the last couple months trying to take away an existing right secured in the 2nd Amendment get away with trying to create a new ‘right’ in same-sex marriage? Why does Mayor Bloomberg try and limit our sugar and salt intake one day and legalize pot the next? He wants to take our guns and put a limit how much volume can go through your earbuds, but you can get high, no problem. It’s all crazy to me.

Rights, as our founders saw it, do not come from man. Rights come from nature and nature’s God! The bill of rights are things they agreed we are entitled to. The constitution is a set of limitations they placed on themselves and government in the future. Now we have politicians and judges who think they need to tell us how to do everything. They know better than us. What better tool to show us that than healthcare? You remember that battle don’t you? “Free” healthcare for everyone! Well at least they quit calling it free once it was rammed through.

This healthcare law is forcing employers to provide insurance to employees or pay a fine, which sounds good to many. People will soon be forced to purchase insurance of pay a fine themselves. Why am I bringing this up? Well with healthcare comes government regulations of our behavior. That’s why I question the push for same sex marriage and the timing. Here’s more questions for you. If they can make you quit smoking or jack your rates what will they do with those who admittedly engage in homosexual activity? This is a documented health risk. Sure, you will have your mandated insurance, but will your rates be the same as they would if you weren’t known to be gay?  Will employers be able to let you go on the basis their rates are going up? Will they drop everyone and just pay the fines?

Once you’ve given up your actual rights to the government and accept the new ones they give you, look out! I think we’re all being played. Divisions among us are growing every day and eventually many (more) will be calling out to big government to save them. Tell these ‘leaders’ to leave us alone and leave our rights as they are. We don’t need to legislate or approve behavior! That’s not the job of government. We also don’t need to be telling churches who they need to hire, marry, or anything else for that matter. That’s God’s business. What consenting adults do behind closed doors is their business up to the point that their actions don’t harm someone else. That’s what laws are for, protecting us. They are not for creating feel-good (for some) rights. 

I’ve intentionally not called out anyone on sin in this piece. We are all born into sin and need the grace of God and the gift of salvation His Son Jesus provides for us. My intention is not to argue why I think same-sex marriage is wrong. My opinion really isn’t the issue at all. I have gay friends who I love and do not judge. On the other hand, the amount of things I’ve read bashing Christians and heterosexuals who disagree is disturbing at best. I need to show love to everyone, but please, leave my rights alone! Giving big government more and more power is not the way to go!

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