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The Patriot vs Drone Strikes

April 20, 2013

There are times when I fear that if I type what I’m thinking it will alienate a lot of people. I have contradictory thoughts running through my own mind. With the politically correct era we live in it can be intimidating to put your thoughts out there for other people to pick apart. As someone who absolutely loves this country and is admiring all the bravery we’ve seen this past week in Boston I am proud. Thinking of how the world has changed in such a short time has me wary of what is to come.

Every time I see “The Patriot” starring Mel Gibson I am amazed how armies used to fight. You’ve seen it in old movies depicting battles, I’m sure. Each side lines up facing one another and marches straight toward the enemy. They fire a round and while reloading take a round of fire from the other side. I’ve laughed at the scenario. Lately I can’t help but admire the bravery and more importantly the honor with which battles used to be fought!

That brings me to last weeks’ act of cowardice at the Boston Marathon. Two guys setting explosive devices in the middle of crowds hidden in backpacks is not honorable in any way. At least suicide bombers show they’re willing to take themselves out when they perform their act of insanity! I hear people say we need to understand what makes our enemies hate us. I am not so concerned with that, I just wish they’d line up and fight us like men like it used to be done. Those days are gone forever, I’m afraid. Now each side has its’ own way of fighting with less honor each day. Yeah, you read that right. I said each side.

This is where I’m afraid to go on. I’m not blaming this president, the one before him or anyone before that to be honest. Decisions in the past were made to insure the smallest possible loss of life for our military. The weaponry has become more accurate and can be fired from further and further away. Our enemies never see us coming with our night vision capabilities and capacity to fire from unknown places. In recent years the development of drones has become our favorite weapon of choice. I’m thankful our men and women in uniform are safer than they used to be. My question is what is the price?

I don’t condone what our enemies do to civilian population in any way. I just wonder if we are ever shown how decisions are made to quit fighting battles and wars the way we always have? I wonder if our superiority in weaponry makes hitting those not engaged the best option of the enemy? I wonder if we’re prepared for the day our enemies have the capabilities to perform drone strikes.  I wish for the days where we could just line up and see who is better! I don’t wish for anyone to die, but when we don’t fight with honor, can we expect the enemy to?

Please know I don’t wish any ill on any of my fellow countrymen. I also don’t condone any act of terror by our enemies. I just feel like we’re past the point of returning to fighting with honor and have no idea how we prepare for future horrors.

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