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How Many Times Can You Tax a Dollar?

February 27, 2014

If you’ve read one of my recent posts, you’re aware my church and pastor have been being scrutinized by the Charlotte media. One of the main things the reporters seem to be worried about is all that money that could be going toward the community if churches were taxed. We live in an age where it seems people feel entitled to more and more, but it doesn’t stop with people. Government and lovers of big government feel entitled to the earnings of ‘we the people.’

Here’s my objection to the desire to see churches taxed. I know the reporters make it seem they’d just like to see the ‘mega’ churches taxed, but I don’t buy that for a second. The money churches, and other charitable organizations for that matter, receive is from people whose incomes have already been taxed. The salaries these churches and charities give are also taxed. To want to tax the church or charity on top of that is just a big government lovers’ dream. Honestly, does anyone think the government has been, or ever will be, a wise spender of our money?

The constant investigations into churches without looking into other groups does bother me. I personally dislike several political leaning 501 (c) 3 and 4 groups I wish didn’t get tax exempt status. That is the concern of the lawmakers, however, as well as the IRS and FCC. I could name the ones I don’t like, but I don’t know that it would help. I understand the thought that money could be taxed and ‘relieve the burden’ of the taxpayers. The longer I live though, the more ways the government seems to find to tax us anyways. I think we’d do well to remember that the money that is freely given to these churches and charities has indeed come from people who paid taxes on it already. To think the government should be entitled to another bite of that same money to me simply stinks. As for the break the giver gets, I just tallied up mine and less than 7 percent of what I gave was deducted from my taxes, or about 1 percent of my income. The tax break is not the reason people give if they do the math.

As for salaries, remember they’re taxed. The loopholes or allowances legally used by these groups doesn’t warrant a story to me, at least on a name by name basis. You can certainly run stories about it, but it shouldn’t be limited to churches and it shouldn’t be promoted and pushed to look like they’re getting away with something. They don’t write the laws. I’m glad other groups aren’t being targeted by the reporters, honestly. I don’t think money people freely give should be taxed, period. I just don’t understand making a story of just churches. That, I believe, is shameful!

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  1. I agree 100%!! Another place this should apply but doesn’t is thrift shops. I volunteered at the Service League Thrift shop while it was open and I would get so aggravated that we had to charge tax on the resale of clothing when all of our proceeds went to scholarships. Even the people buying the clothes would make comments about how the government was “really getting their money’s worth” when taxing second-hand items. Someone had already paid tax on them and donated them to be resold at a low cost. Talk about a double tax! We even gave stuff away to people who couldn’t afford it. It’s insane. If the government starts taxing churches, what’s next?

    • Thanks Amanda. I’d love to see a true breakdown of how many times a dollar is taxed. A company produces and sells a good, which is taxed. They earn income, which is taxed. They pay salaries, which are taxed. They buy products, which are taxed. The company that sells them that product goes through the same scenarios. Talk about a scam. They get enough, leave those who help people alone!

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