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Life’s Music Room (by George H Slavin, my grandfather)

June 15, 2014

I was seated at the organ in life’s great music room,

The score placed before me was arranged in perfect tune.

It was written and composed in God’s wondrous key of grace,

It’s rhythm was perfection – each note was in its place.

The harmony blended with the expression of His love,

The theme forever mindful of the glory from above.


The music was before me, but it seemed so far away,

And I knew my hands were trembling as I began to play.

I found a key, but discord filled the air,

And brokenly I stopped and waited, alone and in despair.

Before me perfect score, and a perfect harmony.

But somehow there was discord, and the discord was in me.


And as I waited, a form sat in my place,

And love quickened my heart as I gazed upon that face.

It was marred and bruised with eyes so deeply set,

And I knew my need again my Lord had fully met.

For He took my hands in His and placed them on the key,

As I yielded to His touch there came forth harmony.


I’ve learned since then that never can I play the score alone.

I need the hands of One who before this score has known.

In whom the love of God found harmony in grace,

In whom there is no discord – in time, in speech, in place.

He will sit beside me. He will take my hands to play.

And the glory will be His – both now and all the way.

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