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I’ll Never Forget Terry

August 2, 2014

It’s been a long time since I’ve really been in a city. For about the last decade I really haven’t had more than a handful of opportunities to roam city streets. Because of that, I’d forgotten what I felt was a pretty smart cautionary move I usually made. For protective purposes I would keep some small bills in my front pant pockets, in the event someone tried to rob me. I thought it smart to be able to pull out that pocket and show the would-be thief that was all I had.

This weekend I had the wonderful chance to go to Charlotte and hang with my sister Chrissie and see Elevation Worship in concert together. After checking into our hotel, we strolled out for an early dinner. On our walk, while trying to pick a restaurant, a man named Terry approached me. He was very cordial but was a little slow of speech. He informed me he was homeless and asked if I had any spare change. I didn’t have any change, which is what I told him. However, as we walked away, I told Chrissie how I’d forgotten what I used to do with my money in a city atmosphere. Had I been prepared I would have had a little cash in my pocket at the ready to help Terry . Instead, I felt for safety reasons, especially with my sister, it was best to not reach back and pull out my wallet to figure out what was there. I can’t honestly tell you if she bought that story, but it was the truth.

Anyway, we went to the concert, listened to all of Time Warner Cable Arena singing along to the beautiful new songs Elevation Worship was performing. I couldn’t properly describe how moving this show of adoration for our Savior this was. We walked a bit after the concert, and I’d say in all, we walked for 2 1/2 to 3 hours. The previous instance with Terry was the only occasion anyone asked me for spare change. I didn’t think anything of it when I went to bed at the hotel.

This morning, before heading home, Chrissie and I decided to go out for breakfast. We asked the girl at the desk where she recommended and headed on our way. We sat down and ate and talked about what an awesome concert we had just been a part of. When we headed back to the hotel, not a block from the restaurant, guess who approached us? You know it, Terry! I don’t believe he recognized me, and he came up and said, “Sir…” Before he could get another word out, I pulled out the little cash I had in my pocket and said, “Good to see you Terry, this is for you.”

I know there will be those who read this who wouldn’t dare give someone money. I know others who will be upset I didn’t stand there and go through ‘The Romans Road’ with Terry. Some will even question my faith in God’s protection for not pulling out my wallet the night before. I won’t say any of you are wrong. I am just blown away how God gave me a second chance to do something nice for this man in need. He knew my heart and that I felt bad turning Terry away the first time. I know a living God who can have only one man ask me for help in the entire city ask for it twice can see to it that Terry hears the gospel if he hasn’t already. I feel like my little part was to show him the love of Christ in me. I’d like to think we’ll meet again one day and pray we do!

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  1. We have a God who gives second, third, fourth, fifth… chances. He saw your heart and I love how He gave you the opportunity George! I love that your sister had the privilege to witness God’s second chance and your readiness to hand Terry money. Thanks for sharing this!

  2. Absolutely Trisha. It was definitely a God moment (kairos) and knew it had to be the second it happened. Such a cool experience. Thank you for your wonderful comment and for sharing this.

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