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Flow In The Mercy You’ve Received

August 30, 2014

I’m going through old sermon notes and trying to assess my walk. Why is it the forgiven so often don’t want to forgive? I know I get too easily aggravated over simple things. Sometimes the same little things perturb me for no good reason. I am getting better at catching myself before I have an outburst, or I should say, the Spirit reminds me how foolish I’m being. Anyways, all that brought me back to a sermon titled “Choke” from the Room 101 series at Elevation Church. If you go onto their sermon archives I am sure you’ll enjoy this one. I’m fooling around with a little poetry, or some lyrics. I’m probably a little too old to start out my music career, but here’s where this one took me:

I’ve got my secrets and you’ve got yours

God knows them all yet His love still pours

He gave us forgiveness, paid a debt we could not 

So why’s it so hard to give what we freely got?

I know how to act when I need mercy

I even say I’m sorry when I feel guilty

So why’s it so hard to live out what I believe

And flow in the mercy I’ve received?

As fast as you’re offended just let it go

It won’t be the last time I’m sure you know

If you say you’re forgiven and been set free

You’ll learn to flow in the mercy you’ve received

Let it flow, let it flow

The mercy that you have received

Let it flow, let it flow

Forgiving others sets you free

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  1. Very nice, Brother! I really like that!

  2. Thanks Trisha. I just had dinner with a friend who was talking about trying to write some Christian lyrics last week. I’m just trying to give him ideas to run with. It’s amazing how songs can speak to us sometimes. I don’t know if I’ll ever have one performed on a stage, but I’ve got some in my heart! 🙂

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