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A Will To Work Out

October 25, 2014

1cd0c35a4e898ce3f68bed23435027ccI am not what anyone would call a fitness guru. Indeed, I’ve been heard uttering the phrase, “I’m going to die fat and happy!” The kitchen and the table call more often than the exercise bike or any weight room. No one needs to hear me say that exercising your body is important. You know that from virtually every magazine cover you see on the rack at Barnes & Noble or the supermarket. The reason for it should be to maintain a healthy lifestyle, but I’m of the opinion most do it to look good. Either way, I’ll go ahead and agree it’s a good thing to work out. Truthfully, I’ve dieted (rarely) in my lifetime, and while successfully losing a few pounds, I wasn’t really happy with the results diets had as far as my looks were concerned. We all know that without exercise, your body will not conform anywhere near to the shape we see on those magazine covers.

The same can definitely be said for us spiritually. It is absolutely essential that we learn God’s word if we want to know His will (Psalm 40:8.) One of our favorite catch phrases in church is, “I just want to find God’s will for my life.” That is a great desire! We should all want to find God’s will and do it. Well perhaps we aren’t finding His bigger will for our lives because we aren’t exercising His immediate will for our lives. Colossians 3:17 says: “And whatever you do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through Him.” Everything we do should be for Him. For me, right now, that’s loading parts in a furniture factory to the best of my ability. Did I ever envision myself doing this? No way! In fact I think it’s the best example of “whatever” I can think of. Whatever obviously includes everything we do. How you clean your house, how you handle being cut off in traffic, how you tip your server. Every time you do anything you are representing a perfect God who created you in His image.

It’s wonderful to know God’s word if you want to know Him and do His will. However, if all you do is “eat” and learn all kinds of facts so you can sound smart in an argument, you’re going to get fat. I know that wasn’t kind. I’m just trying to relate it in a way that’s easy to understand. If I eat all that I want to eat without exercising, the results will be obvious. The same is true with us spiritually. I know a lot of us are spiritually malnourished, as we could definitely stand to know God’s word better. The people I’m talking about here though I like to call the spiritually obese. The ones who sit in the pew every Sunday, hear the preacher preach about all of the other sinners, and go home and forget about God ’til the next Sunday. There are also some who diligently study God’s word during the week, but never seem to do anything for God in the real world. It starts with little acts folks, or exercise. You’ve got to work out what you’re eating or eventually you’re going to be too big for any good. You wouldn’t show up to run a race without gearing up for it by running daily beforehand. You wouldn’t show up to a bodybuilding competition without ever going to the gym and eating healthy.

Thank God for all He’s done for you today. Remember to eat good, but more importantly, go work it out! I think you’ll be very happy with those results!

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  1. Great thoughts here, George. I stopped on this thought “perhaps we aren’t finding His bigger will for our lives because we aren’t exercising His immediate will for our lives.”

    Amen. I agree. And it sometimes bothers me that those who work in “ministry” settings believe that’s all they have to do in life, just go to their day job and they’ve ‘given’ to God. But truthfully, that job is paying them back. So it’s not a volunteer position. Just like my job pays me to show up. Many in ministry don’t volunteer outside the church with other organizations, unless it’s part of their duty or job that they are being paid for. That’s not exercising ‘giving’.

  2. Very true Trisha! It’s always best to lead by example for those vocationally in the ministry. For those not in the ministry as a profession, we need to realize we’re still possibly the best ministers of Jesus to those we come in contact with. That may not mean we need to preach to people, but hopefully they’ll see the love coming from us in such a way they want to know where it comes from.

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