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Befriending Prisoners

January 15, 2015

Marvin, my incarcerated foster brother if you don’t know, sent me a list of his fellow prisoners who would like some Bible study materials from my church. I don’t know any of these men out in Michigan. As the holidays approached though, I felt God tugging at me to tell these men they are thought of. I sent them each a Christmas card and this week I’ve received seven responses, including a painting. Pretty cool!
Currently at church we are studying John 15. I keep reading it and love it when Jesus tells His disciples that they are His friends. He wants to be friends with all of us. His command in the passage is that we love one another as He has loved us. Well I really don’t know how to show love to these strangers, but I am trying. Tonight I put together sermon notes from the last two weeks to send to each of them. More importantly, I included a brief letter telling them a little bit about me, and telling them that I am their friend!
These men may never write me again, and may never do anything for me. You know what, that’s fine with me. My part is to show them the love of Christ first, and leave the rest up to them and God. What did I ever do to earn God’s love and sacrifice for me? We love Him because He first loved us. The same needs to be true with everyone we come in contact with. Not everyone will love us, as John 15 also points out. Not everyone loves God, however He gives everyone the same opportunity, even prisoners! 🙂

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