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Unmerited Favor!

February 14, 2015

That’s the common definition of grace. I don’t come close to thanking God enough for the great grace He has shown me throughout my life. His tolerance of me and my behavior all those times I was just trying to “fit in” with the cool crowd amazes me. I know we all do that in one way or another from time to time, but I literally made it my job. I absolutely knew better, and I didn’t care. I could go on and on describing how bad I was, but it’s not something I want to make sound good in any way. I just want to say I’m thankful that I’m still here and am sure God must have something big in store for me.
When I reached my absolute bottom, God was there. When I couldn’t find a job in what I’m trained to do, and dare say, am pretty good at, God provided. My friend Steve reached out and offered me a job in a factory doing work I’ve never done. At the time I wasn’t driving, but the factory is literally a mile from my house. My brother’s schedule was such that he could take me to work every morning without messing up his routine.
Finding my church home was another thing. I should say our church home, as that same brother, Chuck, and his son Max go also. After my parents moved back up here we searched for a new church home together. It may have been us, but we never felt like any of the churches we visited in town were home. Then one Saturday when Chuck was on the road, he asked me to record Saturday Night Live for him. Charles Barkley was the guest host, and we love Sir Charles from his days in Philly. Well I fell asleep during SNL, but immediately afterward, the music from my TV woke me up. The Elevation Experience was on, and surprisingly, they played really good Christian music! Then Pastor Steven Furtick started preaching and he presented God’s word so clearly and passionately that I knew we had to check it out. I showed Chuck the program the following week, and for just about 3 years since then that is our church. While it’s an hour away, they make things so easy to share through social media, I have people wanting to make that hour ride with us or on their own quite often. It blows me away, and I will not take lightly that God was in every step. I know it to be true.
All of this is by the grace of God. I won’t shy away from saying it. I’m also learning though, if I’m going to be so willing to accept his grace, I need to be willing to give it to those around me too! There are always going to be naysayers out there that are just waiting for me to mess up. To them I say, don’t look too hard because I mess up every day. I just hope they see the love of Jesus flowing in and out of me toward them. The joy of the Lord truly is my strength, and the second I feel a mood swing coming I am holding onto that promise and thanking Him for His joy. If you want that joy in your life all you need to do is ask Him for it. If you don’t understand how I would be happy to share more with you.
I don’t deserve it, but I’m so glad God gave me His unmerited favor.

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  1. I like your story on how you found Elevation, George. I didn’t know this about you. I also didn’t realize that is an hour drive for you. I’m in that same category of long distance drivers on Sunday. Isn’t it great the peace and worship you can have just before church on Sundays in this drive that has all kinds of potential to be a deterant from church? You have a good story. Keep encouraging, Brother.

    • Thanks Trisha. You’re the best. This week’s sermon was so good – working on my countenance now.

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