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Forgive and… Well, at least Forgive.

April 24, 2015

Have you been wronged by someone in your life? Silly question, I know. Every one of us has been lied to on more than one occasion. Most of us have been fired, in fact, I’ve been fired multiple times. It’s never easy to handle. Sometimes we are at fault and deserve what comes, but many times we feel victimized by the actions and decisions of others. Simply stated, “it’s not my fault!” I know I’ve felt it and said it, and still feel that way about some events that I’ve endured.
How do we deal with those who hurt us? Anger is a common response and feeling. The phrase “what goes around comes around” comes to mind. We often want karma to dictate whoever hurt us gets their justice. The problem is, while we’re sitting around waiting for justice to come, the bitterness we have just eats away inside.
The best way to handle those who hurt us is to forgive them. Don’t sit around and wait for an apology. They more than likely don’t believe they did anything wrong, or worse, don’t care. Just let it go and get on with living. I know it hurts, especially while the wound is still fresh. That feeling won’t go away if you dwell on it though.
I know I’ve received forgiveness through the blood of Jesus. I also know I didn’t deserve it. That is why I’m getting better at forgiving others, and you can too. Maybe I should start over again and ask the question a different way. Have you ever wronged somebody else in your life? Of course you have. If those you hurt never forgave you this would be a lonely, lonely life! Think about that the next time someone lets you down. Show them what forgiveness looks like and see if you can’t start a new wave of good vibes flowing for you.
As far as forgetting how someone has hurt you, that should maybe be a case by case situation. Ideally, we’d like to forgive and forget. That just doesn’t seem to be how we operate though. I know I’m a work in progress, but I think the memory of what hurt us keeps us from falling into the same trap in the future. That can be good in a protective way, or we may be missing out on something bigger and better, who knows? Just remember that you have a choice to make: forgiveness or bitterness. There really is no in between. One can bring comfort and companionship and the other pain and loneliness. You make the call, but I say forgive!

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  1. glitter princess permalink

    Great article George. Amazing! Another topic that parallels with my own experience this week. Forgiving and asking for forgiveness are immensely challenging areas for me. You are right, as you mentioned in your 3/3/14 “Hiding from God” post, God does not wait to answer our prayer. Our shame separates us from God, His love is always there waiting for us – we just need to reach out and receive it. As I humbled myself, I confessed how I had responded verbally in anger to someone who wronged me. After struggling with what I had done I finally decided to to reach out in prayer after a few days, to ask God for the courage to apologize to this individual for how I responded. Such healing I received immediately. Obedience is not easy and my pride gets in the way, but God is always there to answer prayer and love me no matter what!

    • Amen! Thank you so much for sharing. Pride really does seem to be involved in every sin I think. I’m overwhelmed and still can’t grasp how much He loves us!

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