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Who Are You Inviting To Church

June 29, 2016

I read some interesting statistics at this morning. They claim that 82% of the “unchurched” are somewhat likely to attend church if invited. They also claim only 2% of the churched invite someone unchurched to come to church. I’m grateful to be in a church where I know it’s much higher than 2% of the people are inviting others, but it’s disturbing to see that kind of a number. One in fifty?! Wow!

Having grown up in church myself and drifted away for years, I have to admit I didn’t stumble across a whole lot of  people inviting me to theirs. In fact, one in fifty would have probably seemed really high when I think about it.

Yes, there are other ways to introduce someone to Christ than inviting them to church. I’m actually a rare example of that, but that’s probably just because I had firsthand knowledge that the church was a great place for desperate people, and I was desperate. I was fortunate enough to live within a little over an hour of a church that utilizes other means of presenting Christ to people than counting on just invites. They use social media really well, have a very well polished website that has everything from sermons to ways to actively serve in the community. In my case in particular, I was drawn in by the TV ministry. I literally was woken up by the “Elevation Experience” following Saturday Night Live back in February 2012 and was inspired by both the music and the preaching. I recorded it the following week and showed my brother, Chuck, and he and I, along with his son, Max, have been attending Elevation ever since! All three of us get to serve on different teams and see how God moves in different ways week after week.

What God has done in my life to change me I can’t keep to myself. That’s why it’s amazing to me to think about that one in fifty statistic. Yes, God did find a different way to get me to this church. However, in the past four years I’ve had the opportunity to take at least 29 others to church with me by inviting them. I really feel it would be more if I didn’t have to bring them an hour one way, but I try not to turn that into the excuse not to invite them. Instead, I add not only the invite to church but also to grab a bite, on me, afterwards.

I’ve seen six people of those 29 raise their hand and receive an orange Bible and go to the tent and say they’ve given their life to Christ. I admit, I sometimes feel disappointed that they don’t decide to ride down with me and get involved like my family has. That probably has a lot to do with pride,  but I honestly want everyone I know to experience Christ like I have and there’s no better way I know of than being involved in the local church. Some of those friends are actually active in local churches closer to home, and to that I say, to God be the glory! Some I have no idea what they’re doing spiritually, and I need to do a better job of staying in touch with them, but I also need to let God be God and know at least I’ve tried to show them I care about them.

I will hopefully never understand the 98% of people who never invite an unchurched person to church. When Jesus changes your life and you are radically changed absolutely for the better, why wouldn’t you want those around you to know about Him? If you aren’t inviting others to church, or to a closer walk with God, perhaps it’s because you really aren’t walking with Him yourself. I didn’t write this to shame anyone, just to raise some awareness and let you know, there’s always a seat available to ride to church with me!


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  1. Wow, Friend! I love that you took the time here to share this statistic and a personal example of what the looks like to invite without excuses, like the drive and distance. Man, I love your heart, and this urgency and encouragement to ‘the church’. I’m fueled here by what you said.

    • Thanks you so much sweet friend! We share so many things in life that we love like events, places and foods. Those are definitely worth sharing, but how much more so is sharing our love of Christ and being a part of His church? I appreciate you so much Trisha!

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