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The Winding Road

June 9, 2018

The more I live the more I realize how flawed I am. I really do try to follow Christ more every day… less of me, more of Him. I’ve heard a lot of good, biblical teachings on staying on the right path. Sometimes (often) I feel like I’ve taken the wrong path, my own path. The cool thing I’m starting to believe more and more: it’s okay!

Maybe the thing that bothers me is I want to see exactly where the road is taking me. God leads us one step at a time though, and in this result oriented world where we want instant gratification, not seeing where the road is taking us gets us frustrated. It may not be a bad direction I choose to go, but it’s not necessarily the best path God has ready for me. Looking at where Jesus finds people has given me a different mindset on this.

The prodigal son knew he was taking a path away from where his father wanted him. He left home, took his inheritance and spent every bit of it trying to buy happiness. It didn’t work and when he finally came to the end of himself and came to his senses (Luke 15:17) he decided he wanted to go home. He even planned a speech where he would beg his father to let him work as a hired hand, since he wasn’t worthy to be his son anymore.

The first 42 verses of John 4 is a famous passage of a Samaritan woman who Jesus has a conversation with. You may know her as the woman at the well. There are so many fascinating things about this passage that it is often used for entire sermons. For the sake of time and the point I want to make I just want to point out she was obviously not following the suggested biblical path. She’d been married five times and was living with another man. Jesus offers her living water (Himself) and says she’ll never thirst again but will have eternal life!

Two stories where people were on the wrong path. Two stories of redemption. One common trait? They found God’s grace. They both knew they were on the wrong path, but I don’t think the path is the story. The answer isn’t a place but a person. No matter what you’ve done, when you figured out you were on the wrong path, you don’t have to get out the GPS and figure out where to go. You just need to turn to Jesus and say “I’m ready to try it your way. I need your grace, your forgiveness.” That is where you will find the right path. It’s not what road you find yourself on or where you are on that road. It’s about turning the direction over to God.

“Have you come to the end of yourself? Do you thirst for a drink from the well? Jesus is calling!” The second verse of O Come To The Altar by Elevation Worship starts with these lyrics. I often find myself on the winding road, trying to do things my way. May I be quicker to remember Jesus is right there by my side ready to lead me if I’ll just let Him.

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