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Thankful For All Of It 2018!

December 21, 2018

The past five months have been challenging in so many ways. I’m good at posting about blessings, but since around July it hasn’t felt like much has gone my way. Maybe that’s exactly what I need, in fact, I’m sure it is. Do I like it? No! The fact is though, as hard as 2018 has been it doesn’t compare to 2010. If God was faithful then, why wouldn’t He be again?

There are tons of events and details I could mention to explain how awful things have seemed lately, but for the good of God’s kingdom I won’t get into all of it. That said, there were multiple occasions where my plans and the plans of friends, good godly friends, got squashed by those we serve(d) under. There were moments of absolute pain and disbelief. Prayers were sent up and the answer that came back didn’t look like we were sure it should look like. Trusting God sounds so easy, but when the reality isn’t what we expect it really gets hard. Faith tells me that while things may sting now, I am fighting from victory, not for it, so God’s got a plan! Things we could have never foreseen are going to blow our minds and if we’re alert and honest we’ll say, if we’d had our way God wouldn’t have gotten to do that!

Throw in the last seven weeks of not having a job and you can see personally it’s been no walk in the park either. Thinking back about nine weeks and believing I was about to possibly start a new job with a substantial raise and it turning into nothing within two weeks was in no way my plan. Being told I was no longer needed where I’d worked really hard for almost 7 years wasn’t either. All that being said, I’m thankful for closed doors, for NO answers from God. I’ve heard preachers say, “when you’re down to nothing, God is up to something!” I can’t wait to see what it is.

There are some interesting possible job opportunities on the horizon. I still don’t know where I will land, but I’m believing God has a great plan! The last nine years have taught me a lot about humility and yet at times I find myself showing my streak of arrogance, of always being ‘right.’ I think it’s part of what makes me really good at anything I do, but there has to be a balance and understanding that He gave me that ability and it’s not about me!

Unlike 8 years ago, I’m not on probation, I’m aloud to drive, I have loving friends that I get to do life with. There are some in my life that hold me accountable when I’m honest enough to let them see the real me. My relationship with my parents has never been better even while challenging to see their natural struggle with physical declines. While I can’t see it now, I’m believing the best is yet to come. Look out 2019! God’s got this and I look forward to going along for the ride! Proverbs 3:5-6

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