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Thank you for checking out my page. The reason I’ve started this blog is to hopefully be a place where those who have fallen away from God can realize there is still hope! As a preacher’s kid I was raised in a loving Christian home. I believed in Christ as a young child, before my 5th birthday. For much of my childhood I was passionate about my relationship with Christ. At some point, I believe around 7th grade, I became much more concerned with what others thought of me than God.  I played the church game pretty well but it was just that for many, many years for me, a game! In the real world though, no one could see any difference in me and the average person. I was probably even considered a worldly success by many. I managed a successful restaurant/bar and created an atmosphere that people seemed to love. Then I got the wakeup call!

While throwing a personal pity party for myself after the death of a friend in 2009 trouble found me. I was binge drinking like it was my job, and encouraged by my boss to do so! 2 DUI’s 3 days apart changed my world. I am so thankful that I didn’t wreck and hurt or possibly kill someone. I did lose my job, my license for 4 years, and spent a week in the county jail. I consider myself very lucky that’s all I lost. In fact, I consider it a blessing now. I spent much of 2010 searching, and while I’d always believed in Christ I knew I wasn’t living for Him. Then I found a book written by Kyle Idleman titled ‘not a fan.’ In it I learned that being a fan of Jesus isn’t nearly enough, He called us to follow Him.

That brings me to why I’m blogging. I want those who ever felt they blew it and God couldn’t use them to know it’s not too late! I look at the examples in the Bible of Moses (who killed a man), David (who had a man killed because of his own lustful desires), and Paul (who persecuted Christians while he was known as Saul) and realize God not only can use those who’ve messed up in the past. He actually specializes in it! If you know anyone who could use a word of encouragement feel free to send them my way. They can email me at or through this blog. I have a heart especially for kids of preachers, deacons, missionaries, etc. I know what it’s like to feel like you’ve let your family down, and more importantly, let God down. He’s an awesome God ready to forgive and heal, we just have to ask!

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  1. tim himes permalink

    very good george. keeping to reread tomorrow.

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